Le Rouge Parfum New Scented Lip Color


Brand By Kilian launches its make-up colection. The first product is a lipstick Kilian Le Rouge Lipstick with two finishes: matte and satin.  You can grab these beauties at Holt Renfrew.

When I heard about this, I was a bit skeptical. I thought I don’t think I like my lipstick with any perfume smell on it.  But hey, I love Red lipstick 💄 and I decided to go and check this out. Surprise surprise…I love it , love it. I got hold of two matte colours.



Heaven rouge looks like has orange undertone on my lips. My lips is quite pigmented so it might look totally different if your lips is fair or pinkish. The other I got is Aphrodisiac..it’s a bit bit redder than Heaven.

I love how it feels in my lips, it’s light and I hardly notice that I had lipstick on. The smell is not overwhelming as I thought, it has fruity smell like on some brand lipstick. Give these luxurious lipstick ladies if you got a chance, CAN$70.00 @HoltRenfrew.